My dog is a toddler

Gus has turned into the dog equivalent of a human toddler. He has hit the terrible two’s, so to speak. If it is nice out, I will leave the sliding door open a bit so he can come in and out as he pleases. Which he does, but now usually it is at the speed of sound. He tears around the backyard, comes racing inside, jumps up on one end of the couch, runs down to jump off the other side of the couch (usually leaping over me in the process), and races back outside. Repeat. At least 3 times.

He has decided he would much rather stand on top of his crate and survey his domain than lie in it (which he has never liked to do.)

He digs holes in the sandbox that is Florida soil and lies in them.

He has become very interested in what is on the kitchen counter (dirty dishes.)

And the ultimate show of toddler-ness – Gus has started Dumping. Namely, his food and water. I don’t mind so much if he dumps his food bowl over, because then he will eat if off the ground anyway. But the water bowl, not good. The other day he dumped a half full bowl of water all over the floor, picked up the bowl, trotted over to the couch, and proceeded to chew on his bowl. Because he doesn’t have enough chew toys strewn about as it is.

But it’s impossible to stay upset with him, because he’s so cute!