Hi there.

Long time no post. Mom requested that I post something witty and clever, because let’s face it, that is my default mode. Tori: witty, clever, hilarious. I think that about sums me up. Also, easily entertained. Not in a dumb, watch-a-fly-on-the-wall-for-hours kind of way, but more of a enjoys-the-everyday-things-in-life kind of way. For example, right now I am eagerly looking forward to installing a new ceiling fan with Stephen in our newly finished (as in, today) sunroom (which will get it’s own post soon.) I’m not kidding. I am excited about installing it so you can control the fan and light separately, unlike the current, sad, droopy fan we have. There are two switches, but only one is hooked up. That’s just lazy. I’m talking to you, previous homeowners. I am also excited about window boxes full of green things and hanging ferns. Someone recently asked me if we did a lot of traveling on the weekends. I said no, we usually hang around the house and do yard work and such. He clearly didn’t think that sounded like much fun, but I assured him we enjoyed it. Because we do. I would stay home all weekend and never leave the house, but Stephen makes me be social at least one night. But I’ll save that story for another time.