Time Marches On

Well we have an 8 1/2 month old now. I keep meaning to post, but have been consumed with raising a small human, and unsure of what to post, really. I’ve been taking monthly pictures of Sid, but not posting them, (or any other of the hundreds of pictures we take) mainly because of privacy. This blog is public, anyone can read it, and I’d like to keep it that way, so I have been hesitant to post a bunch of pictures or info about Sid. I post pictures and little videos on Instagram and Facebook, where I can control who sees them. I’ll probably do a collage of monthly pictures to post when he reaches a year, but until then, if you want to see daily pictures, you have to be my friend on Insta or Fb!

Sid is such a joy. He is happy and content 90% of the time, and makes spending all day with him easy. He is crawling, pulls up on anything he can, and thinks the cat is hilarious. He will say ma ma ma ma ma, but doesn’t associate it with me yet. Stephen tries every once in a while to get a dada, but no such luck. When out and about he is very serious, taking everything in. We went swimming for the first time yesterday, and Sid had fun, but you couldn’t tell from the look on his face! The fact that he at least wasn’t scared of the water is good news for his Aunt Kelsey and Aunt Meredith, who have determined that he will be an Olympic swimmer.13267871_10108231943850414_2682480713241982518_n

Now that Sid is crawling, we baby proofed the house and installed a baby gate at the top of the stairs. We shut the gate, close the doors to rooms we don’t want him to go in, and let him loose. He loves crawling around upstairs and exploring “all by himself.”


Helping daddy install the baby gate. 

Writing this has reminded me how much I enjoy it, so hopefully I will find time for more posts, more frequently!