Texas Wildfires

Real quick, yesterday we had our small group from church over for a Labor Day cookout. It was a lot of fun and good food! Gus did well too, once he realized the crawling baby and two little girls were not going to get him. It rained on and off all day, but stopped long enough for us (and by that I mean the guys) to grill the meat on Stephen’s new grill.

Today though, I have been following the news about the wildfires in Texas. While we were blessed with rain yesterday, firefighters all over Texas were battling blazes caused by the drought conditions made worse by the high winds brought by Tropical Storm Lee. Hundreds of homes are in danger and thousands of people have been evacuated in the Austin area. My hometown of Georgetown is currently not in danger, but everything is so dry the smallest spark can start a raging fire. The largest fire is in Bastrop and is zero percent contained as of last night. Firefighters are being called in from across the state to help in central Texas. This article from the LA Times gives a good overview of what is going on. Of course the Austin American Statesman has more details and Weather Underground has a map of where the fires are across the state. People have had to evacuate with zero notice, some not even having time to grab their purses or pets, because someone knocks on the door and says get out NOW. If you are in the Austin/Bastop area and not in danger here are some ways you can help. The Bobby Bones show facebook page is a great resource for ways you can help, where you can donate needed items, and just other info.

One way that you can help, no matter where you live, is through prayer. Pray for the safety of the firefighters, those who have had evacuate their homes, and for rain.