A year (and a few months) in Charlotte

This post is long overdue. On June 8 we hit the year mark for living in Charlotte. And it’s been good! A few things we have learned:

Charlotte is big. Bigger than we thought. It is the largest city in NC. The entire metro area has a population of well over a million.

We live out in the boonies. According to native Charlotteans. We actually live within the city limits, but many people think we live in the middle of nowhere. We had a hard time explaining where we lived when we first moved here.

Whoever planned the roads in Charlotte needs to be fired. Driving in Charlotte is a nightmare. With the exception of Uptown, there is NO semblance of a grid street layout. It drives me crazy. Roads dead-end at a major street, with no access to that street, only to start again on the other side with the same name. BUT THEY DON’T CONNECT. Or, roads change names four times as you drive across town. Then there is the intersection of Queens and Queens. And Providence and Providence. Basically, the Queens Rd and Providence meet at an intersection, and instead of crossing each other, they bounce off each other. Look, just look at this madness. (You may have to zoom in to really understand.)

Ok, enough of that. Now, for a slideshow of pictures of our house after we have been living in it for over a year!

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