On September 14, 2015, at 10:16am, Sidney John was born!


And can I just brag on myself a bit and say I am a baby growing, baby birthing machine. The pregnancy was great and the birth was everything I wanted. I’m not going to do a whole birth story post right now, but will just give the highlights.
I never got morning sickness, never had heartburn, minimal swelling at the end, but overall the pregnancy was easy!
My goal was a med-free labor and birth, and I accomplished that goal. Stephen did a great job as my birth coach, and took every chance he got to tell people I didn’t have an epidural. He was pretty proud.

But now, what everyone really wants, pictures!

One week old:

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One month old:

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It’s hard to believe Sid has already been here a month, but it also feels like he’s been here forever, like he has always been a part of our family. And we are so glad he is!


Welcome to our nursery

Today is our due date. And, as babies are wont to do, ours is totally ignoring the fact that TODAY is the day we have been counting down to, and has decided that tomorrow, or maybe even some time next week, would fit his schedule better. So while we wait, let’s take a tour of the nursery, shall we? (Click the picture for a larger image.)