Making a house a home

We’re going to skip unpacking (cause it’s boring) and go straight to how we are making our house our home! Let’s start with the kitchen, as seen in my lovely CAD drawing below. That’s a college degree at work right there, folks.

The biggest thing to happen with the kitchen we did yesterday, in what I like to call “the changing of the doors.” The fridge doors used to open with the handle on the left, facing into the hallway, as represented by the red door swing line. This was not conducive to grocery storage, seeing as how I put the bags to the right of the sink, if we are referencing the above picture. I wanted the door to open into the kitchen! So this happened:

Look Mom, no doors!

Oh, there they are.

We made waffles for dinner tonight. Actually, Stephen made waffles, I just ate them!

Here is the other side of the kitchen. It’s not bad as far as counter space and storage goes. We just have a lot of awesome wedding gifts we are trying to figure out where to put!

Oh, that window looks out to our side yard – about a 6 foot width of scraggly grass and the wall of the house next door.

Next post – funny things Stephen says! Here is a little sample: Marie sounds good with Victoria, but I think Elizabeth sounds good with Tori. Tori Elizabeth Messmann!