On state flags

This is the state flag of North Carolina:

Every time I see it I think for a split second that it is upside down, because in my mind, it should look like this:

In elementary school the students were responsible for raising the flags in the morning. The duty rotated around the homeroom classes. As is bound to happen when you have 3rd graders putting up the flags, the Texas flag was occasionally raised upside down. Usually one of the custodians would notice and go fix it. I guess the school decided we needed a lesson in flag raising, and recruited a Boy Scout to give a little tutorial. Because they are the acknowledged experts on the subject. Although most Girl Scouts know as much about flag respect as the boys do. At least that used to be the case. I hope it still is. What I remember from the lesson is “blood on the ground, clouds in the sky.” The red goes on the bottom. It makes perfect sense. So why is there blood in the sky when it comes to the North Carolina flag? I have no idea. It must be upside down.


Wisdom teeth extraction

I had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday morning. It wasn’t too bad! My oral surgeon gave me five different prescriptions – antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, nausea, pain, and a Valium. That’s right, one Valium tablet I was to take an hour before the procedure. I have never taken Valium before. IT WAS AWESOME. Everyone should take Valium before a stressful surgery.

My surgery wasn’t until 10 am, so I was up and about and around 9:15 I took my Valium. I went back to doing some dishes and around 9:20, whoosh, the Valium entered my system. I had to sit down, I was so buzzed. It felt like I had just had about 3 drinks. I was feelin’ goooood. I can understand how people could get addicted to this stuff. Stephen came and picked me up, and off we went!

As I was lying down on the dentist chair, the nurse asked me if I had taken my Valium. I said “Yes, it was awesome.” She laughed and said that is usually the reaction they get. Dr. Bond, my oral surgeon came in, asked me if I had a good dream picked out, (it took me a minute to process what he was talking about ’cause of my Valium buzz) and told me he was going to start the IV. I had a heart monitor on, and he noted that my heart rate went up when he said that. I informed him that I don’t really like needles, but after that it didn’t matter, ’cause I was out. They asked me if I was boarding the plane to Fiji, and I mumbled something like uh-huh.

I woke up seemingly only 5 minutes later, but Stephen said it took about 40 minutes. I was sitting in a different chair than I went to sleep in, no idea how I got there. S was talking to Dr. Bond about what I can and can’t do and when to take all the rest of my drugs. Apparently on the way home I was trying to talk a lot, without very successful results, considering my face was still really numb and I had gauze in my mouth that I was supposed to be putting pressure on. S gave me his phone so I could type what I wanted to say. This is what was so urgent I couldn’t wait until later to tell him, “I waa.trying to smilu. I love going under, because it seems like web.e our 16 mlins. We have.”

After that I got the hiccups, which is not good with a mouth full of gauze, and then I started gagging and feeling nauseous, so we pulled over and rolled the window down. The fresh air helped, and luckily we were almost home. S put me to bed, got me some yogurt for lunch, and had me take a pain pill. He’s such a good husband.

Home in bed. That is bloody gauze, not my tongue sticking out.

Oh, during surgery I went to rub my nose, but I had an oxygen mask on, and it ended up scratching my cheek.

S went back to work and I dozed on and off the rest of the day. At some point I turned on the Bobby Bones Show on iHeartRadio and just listened to them. I love me some BBS! Gus kept me company on the bed the entire time. Who knows what JD was doing, I think he was outside, probably hunting birds.

By the time S got home, I was up watching a movie and able to really talk to him! My jaw is a little sore, but I’m not that swollen and not bleeding anymore. Oh, Dr. Bond didn’t even have to put any stitches in! I still have to be careful about what I eat, but I fully intend on following Dr.’s orders, so as to avoid the dreaded dry sockets. *shudder*