Introducing Purslane

Remember this plant from my post about our garden?

Well today, after Google-ing various versions of “carolina groundcover” “spreading weeds” and “southeastern plants” I finally found a picture that resembled what we had. After more research, I concluded that picture was indeed what we had growing in the front flower bed, and that it is called “Common Purslane.”

Often considered a weed, it is also entirely edible! It can be used in salads, on sandwiches, in soups, stews, and steamed like spinach. Apparently it is part of a traditional Mexican dish called huevos con verdolagas in which the purslane (verdolagas) is chopped up with some onion and then scrambled with eggs (huevos.) Pretty sure I have some eggs and onions in the fridge… Purslane is also used in Greek salads a lot. It is really good for you, high in omega-3’s and various other vitamins and minerals. (Can you tell I’m kind of excited about it?)

So rather than ripping it out as a weed, I have decided to keep it as an edible plant! I have already warned Stephen that some purslane might make it’s way into our salad tonight. I’ll have to wash it thoroughly though, as there were a good number of little bugs crawling around when I was checking it out earlier. Until then, JD has graciously agreed to guard our purslane patch for me:

Has anybody else cooked with/eaten purslane? Have any good recipes to share? Anybody even heard of purslane before now?