A poll! How fun!

At church they have recently finished renovating the small-group room. This is where our small-group (among others) meets. Obviously. A couple weeks ago they were trying to decide what curtains to use. I still don’t know which they picked, because their aren’t any up right now, but I do know that I liked one of the options so much I went out and bought them for myself. I hung them in our bedroom and spent the rest of the afternoon trying to convince myself they matched. They did not. They had too much green in them to look good with our dusky blue accent wall behind the bed, a fact I admitted when S got home, saw them, and said, “Ehhhh….”  I didn’t want to return them, so I tried to figure out where else I could put them. Solution: the dining room.

The walls are not that neon yellow looking in real life. It is so hard to get a good picture of the wall with the windows, because the light coming through them messes it up. BUT the yellow/gold of the walls does perfectly match the yellow/gold of the embroidered peacock feathers on the curtains. Obviously the diplomas will need to find a new home, as they are now too cramped in their present place.

Here is a picture with the curtains closed. We will probably never close them, since there is no need to with the blinds there.

This leads me to my poll. I love the curtains and think they look great there. S still needs some convincing and wants the opinion of at least one other person. (cough, Tess, cough) So it is time to vote!