The Orlando House

As I lounge on the couch at my parents house (formerly known as “home”) next to a dreaming Hank-dog, I thought it was about time I showed y’all where Stephen and I are currently living. We are renting a 2/2 house in a nice neighborhood, only 5 mins down the road from Siemens. That means S comes home to have lunch with me almost every day!

While I was watching tv one day, I drew a floorplan of our little home. Please note, it is not to scale, although I think I did a pretty good job. I considered getting out the tape measure, but then decided I really didn’t care that much.

First we have the entryway, foyer, grand entrance hall – take your pick. The double doors open to the laundry closet, while the door to the garage is on the right.

We will move on to the kitchen next. I do not have a picture of what we call JD’s room. No matter how many times we tell him to clean it, it never happens! That cat… Anyway, first we have a Stephen making waffles. I have found that they are rather good at it.

Next we have the second bathroom, also known as JD’s bathroom (he’s kind of spoiled.) His litter box is hidden behind the shower curtain, which some of you may recognize as having been the curtain covering my closets up in FHK.

If you will refer to my lovely plan above, across from JD’s bathroom is the dining room. I was pleasantly surprised with the size of the space, plenty of room for our dining table and my desk!

Looking from the living room, you can see how the kitchen is open to the dining room.

Now for a demonstration of my amazing Photoshop skills (actually GIMP – Photoshop is expensive!) For your viewing pleasure – our living room!

Sorry it’s kind of small. The closed door leads to our bedroom, which is not picture-worthy yet. The sliding door on the left leads to our screened-in porch!

Side note: I am going to do something amazing with all those wine bottles. I just don’t know what yet. Also, in an effort to save electricity, the mini fridge has been turned off and no longer stores drinks, but now holds our DVDs.

And that’s it for now! To come: pictures of the bedrooms. I will also take a picture of our backyard view, which for me is just grass and a fence, but for taller people it a view of the pond behind the fence.

Here’s bigger pictures of the living room.

The end!