On state flags

This is the state flag of North Carolina:

Every time I see it I think for a split second that it is upside down, because in my mind, it should look like this:

In elementary school the students were responsible for raising the flags in the morning. The duty rotated around the homeroom classes. As is bound to happen when you have 3rd graders putting up the flags, the Texas flag was occasionally raised upside down. Usually one of the custodians would notice and go fix it. I guess the school decided we needed a lesson in flag raising, and recruited a Boy Scout to give a little tutorial. Because they are the acknowledged experts on the subject. Although most Girl Scouts know as much about flag respect as the boys do. At least that used to be the case. I hope it still is. What I remember from the lesson is “blood on the ground, clouds in the sky.” The red goes on the bottom. It makes perfect sense. So why is there blood in the sky when it comes to the North Carolina flag? I have no idea. It must be upside down.