So, in addition to the usual work, house projects, and napping with doggies, I have also ventured into entenpensurship. Which I could not spell to save my life. Entenpensure. Onchenpenureship. Entrepreneurship. There, got it.

A short interview with myself:
What do I do – I make soy candles. And even sell some of them.
Do I have a business plan – no.
Do I know anything about marketing – no.
Am I having fun making candles – yes.
Does the house spell like bath and body works when I am making candles – yes.
Am I spending more money on candle supplies than I have made selling them – probably.
Did I open an Etsy shop in May and am just now telling you about it – yes.

Bam! Etsy shop:
Facebook page:

PROBABLY if you order something today and I have it in stock or the supplies to make it, I could get it to you by Christmas. Probably. Definitely if you live in the Charlotte area, because then I could hand-deliver it to you. (Contact me for a free shipping coupon!)

And remember – FromTori, for all your soy candle needs.