Happy Thanksgiving!

Stephen and I are headed to Detroit early (4 am) tomorrow morning to spend Thanksgiving with his mom’s side of the family. It’s shorter to drive to Michigan than it is to Texas. Everyone is excited to see everyone else, since we haven’t seen most of them since our wedding. I am so thankful I have such an awesome in-law family! I am also thankful for Andrew, who is house/pet sitting for us while we are gone. Hopefully Gus doesn’t eat him. We’re not worried about JD, that cat will sleep with anyone who gives him attention.

The extent of my Fall/Thanksgiving decorations.

Because we are going to be gone, I limited my autumn decorating to the mantle. The only thing I bought were the gourds! Everything else I already had. The gourds are slowly getting moldy and dropping one by one though, I used to have more.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!