Wisdom teeth extraction

I had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday morning. It wasn’t too bad! My oral surgeon gave me five different prescriptions – antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, nausea, pain, and a Valium. That’s right, one Valium tablet I was to take an hour before the procedure. I have never taken Valium before. IT WAS AWESOME. Everyone should take Valium before a stressful surgery.

My surgery wasn’t until 10 am, so I was up and about and around 9:15 I took my Valium. I went back to doing some dishes and around 9:20, whoosh, the Valium entered my system. I had to sit down, I was so buzzed. It felt like I had just had about 3 drinks. I was feelin’ goooood. I can understand how people could get addicted to this stuff. Stephen came and picked me up, and off we went!

As I was lying down on the dentist chair, the nurse asked me if I had taken my Valium. I said “Yes, it was awesome.” She laughed and said that is usually the reaction they get. Dr. Bond, my oral surgeon came in, asked me if I had a good dream picked out, (it took me a minute to process what he was talking about ’cause of my Valium buzz) and told me he was going to start the IV. I had a heart monitor on, and he noted that my heart rate went up when he said that. I informed him that I don’t really like needles, but after that it didn’t matter, ’cause I was out. They asked me if I was boarding the plane to Fiji, and I mumbled something like uh-huh.

I woke up seemingly only 5 minutes later, but Stephen said it took about 40 minutes. I was sitting in a different chair than I went to sleep in, no idea how I got there. S was talking to Dr. Bond about what I can and can’t do and when to take all the rest of my drugs. Apparently on the way home I was trying to talk a lot, without very successful results, considering my face was still really numb and I had gauze in my mouth that I was supposed to be putting pressure on. S gave me his phone so I could type what I wanted to say. This is what was so urgent I couldn’t wait until later to tell him, “I waa.trying to smilu. I love going under, because it seems like web.e our 16 mlins. We have.”

After that I got the hiccups, which is not good with a mouth full of gauze, and then I started gagging and feeling nauseous, so we pulled over and rolled the window down. The fresh air helped, and luckily we were almost home. S put me to bed, got me some yogurt for lunch, and had me take a pain pill. He’s such a good husband.

Home in bed. That is bloody gauze, not my tongue sticking out.

Oh, during surgery I went to rub my nose, but I had an oxygen mask on, and it ended up scratching my cheek.

S went back to work and I dozed on and off the rest of the day. At some point I turned on the Bobby Bones Show on iHeartRadio and just listened to them. I love me some BBS! Gus kept me company on the bed the entire time. Who knows what JD was doing, I think he was outside, probably hunting birds.

By the time S got home, I was up watching a movie and able to really talk to him! My jaw is a little sore, but I’m not that swollen and not bleeding anymore. Oh, Dr. Bond didn’t even have to put any stitches in! I still have to be careful about what I eat, but I fully intend on following Dr.’s orders, so as to avoid the dreaded dry sockets. *shudder*