What I do

I have been feeling guilty for not posting in over 2 months, so I am taking some time during my lunch break to update. That’s right, I have a lunch break. Because I have A JOB! Six months after moving to Charlotte and running out of projects to do around the house, I am finally gainfully employed.

I am the administrative coordinator for our church! For all you older folks, that means church secretary. The job description is a little more involved than just answering the phone and taking messages, though. I put together the Sunday bulletin each week, and email out the Wednesday mid-week update. I make sure all the people serving on Sunday mornings know that they are serving; ushers, acolyte, communion servers, nursery helpers, and pray-ers. I make and cancel appointments and keep the various calendars up-to-date. I manage the website (resluth.org). I try to keep this plant alive.

I don't know what its problem is; it's never looked that happy.

I keep track of what groups and outside organizations are using our buildings and when. I solve technological crisis, like when our website went down for a week, and then when it went back up, our email went down. I could go on, but basically I make sure everything runs smoothly and gets done when it needs to get done.

This is my office.

This is where I sit.

Me being gone all day has taken some adjusting, but I like being able to laze on the couch when I get home and know I did something productive, even if there are dirty dishes by the sink and chewed up dog toys all over the floor. Gus has gotten used to being alone most of the day, although Stephen still goes home for lunch. Oh, did I mention I have Mondays off? Because I do!