We’re closing!

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow! (I hope everyone sang that in their head – you’re only a day away!) We are closing on the house tomorrow at 10 am! I am going to end every line in this post with an exclamation point! Not really.

I would like to share this comic that was posted, ironically, just yesterday: Homeownership

We will be better homeowners than that, I can assure you.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to be present at the closing, so tomorrow won’t actually be that different from any other day. Monday and Tuesday of next week the movers are coming to pack and load, and then Wednesday we are driving North to Charlotte. (Not to be confused with North to Alaska.) It is only about 8.5 hours from Orlando to our new home, but with a dog and cat in the back seat it should be fun! We did get some sedatives for the cat, so hopefully he won’t complain too much.

We’ll be able to get the keys from our Realtor when we get into town, so our first night in Charlotte will be spent in OUR house! Eek! Also, if anyone needs a Realtor in the Charlotte area, look up Tracy Gentry with Prudential Carolinas, because he has done an amazing job, definitely working overtime to get this done for us.

Next time you check in here, there will be a new title and new layout, for our new life in The Queen City!