Thank you notes, grocery store

I thought I would bust out a blog before Stephen gets home and we go to the store. He is going to work earlier so he can come home earlier – around 4 today! His incentive (not that he needs one) for going to the grocery store with me is that he can get more beer. Apparently it is nearly impossible to write those wedding thank yous without a cold beer. Despite all the moaning each night about them, (I’m pretty sure the word ‘desolate’ was used at least once in describing how writing thank yous affects a persons life) we are almost done with our thank you notes! We do have one gift that we do not know who it is from, so if you gave us the Pyrex, thank you sooooo much because we literally use it every day! But really, if you know who gave it to us, let us know so we can properly thank them.

Our grocery store here is called Publix and there is one about .2 miles from our house. If I had one of those grown-up tricycles with a basket on it (like our neighbor does) I would ride it to the store instead of drive. I’m sure there are larger Publixes (Publixi?) but ours is a little neighborhood one, about a third the size of the HEB I’m used to. It reminds me of the Safeway I shopped at when I was living in Oakland. Because it is smaller, the store layout takes some getting used to. The bread takes up one side of an aisle, while the other side is logically used to shelf…the baby items? Tacos are considered an “ethnic” food and the ingredients to make them are all together in the ethnic food aisle, along with all the Goya products, soy sauce, and curry. I’m used to the tortillas, a bread-like product, being with the bread. But no, they are with the taco supplies. It took us forever to figure that out! I don’t remember where the rice is, but we need to get some for our stir-fry tonight!

This is not our Publix. I think this one is in Miami.