After my last blog post, I went back and was looking at some of my old ones, and realized I never formally introduced the newest member of our pack!

This is Corbin!

We adopted Corbin at the beginning of May from the Greater Charlotte SPCA. I found him via We believe he is a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. He doesn’t have a ridge on his back, but his coloring fits the bill. He and Gus have so much fun together!

This is the first night we had Corbin. As you can see, Gus is not sure what to think of  this young pup sitting on his couch.

Corbin gets along with everyone, except that cat of ours. He is convinced that JD is evil. He loves all people though and knows how to turn on the charm. When his foster mom brought him over, Stephen knelt down and Corbin went right up to him and snuggled right in between his knees! I knew from that moment that we would be keeping him, even though we had a week trial run before we had to commit.

Corbin, expert snuggler.

Corbin is an excellent snuggler, although he sleeps in his crate at night. I drew the line at having two dogs on the bed, and when it gets colder, a cat too.

Corbin loves his big brother! Gus tolerates Corbin. We’ve actually been pretty impressed with how patient Gus is with Corbin. Being a puppy, (he’s about 10 months old now) he has more energy to get out than Gus does. They play together a lot, but it seems like when they are not playing, Corbin is chewing on Gus’s leg, or nibbling and tugging on his scruff, trying to get Gus to wrestle. And if Gus is not interested in playing, he just sits there and let’s Corbin chew on him.

Nap time.

I was a little apprehensive about getting a second dog, but now that we have Corbin, I am glad we went for it!


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