The laundry closet

I love our house. I do. I love the kitchen. I love the four bedrooms to put all our junk in. I love the walk-in attic space. I LOVE the backyard.

I’m on ok terms with our laundry closet.

It is the first thing you see when you come upstairs, so it needs look nice. Those bi-folding doors are not nice. They drag on the carpet when you open and close them, they don’t line up properly, and they make it hard to open the washer and dryer doors. I do not like them. So Stephen took them down for me. And I put up some curtains the previous owners graciously left in the attic for us to find.


They are too short, obviously. But they were free, and free is free.

I am trying to decide if I like having curtains there. They don’t get in the way of the washer/dryer doors and don’t drag on the carpet. They don’t do anything to dampen the noise of the machines though. Although when the doors were on, I never closed them when doing laundry anyway.

So, what do you think about the curtains (not those specifically, but just curtains in general?) Do you have any other ideas for what to do about the doors?

There are a couple other things I want to change/add in the laundry closet. That shelf? Just a tad too high for Tori. It will be an easy task to lower it about 6 inches. Because it is a closet, there is no dedicated light fixture, just the one at the top of the stairs. (More about that awesome shade later.) So I want to put a light in it! (Not to be confused with put a ring on it.)

Then there is this situation, which I’m not really sure what to do about…

Yes, our dryer is propped up on 1×6’s we found in the garage. Why? The drainage tray for the washer (in case it leaks or floods) is just an inch too wide to be able to set the dryer directly on the floor. So it must hover over the edge of the tray, balanced on lumber. So far we haven’t had any major issues with this, and it does make the top of the dryer level with the top of the washer, which is nice.

There you go, more than you ever wanted to know about where we do our laundry.


3 thoughts on “The laundry closet

  1. Aaah laundry bi-fold doors… we had a ‘fun’ time with ours. We had to re-do them when we put in front loaders and wanted to move one over several inches (and we were also dealing with doors blocking the machine doors). Perhaps our (Jesse’s) frustrations can help yall; personally, I much prefer the look of the doors to curtains. Curtains always feel too ‘dorm room’ to me, but that might just be me. Anyways, 2 possible solutions… 1- shave down or cut off the bottom of the door so it doesn’t drag on the carpet. We had to do this with one of our doors since the basement floor isn’t completely level & we’d added a thick rug. Since they were hollow, jesse carefully cut off the bottom & we stuffed/glued some pieces of wood inside it (to keep it sturdy). Annoying, but not too hard. Your architecture skillz will come in handy making it look clean & polished. 2- depending on how your machine doors open, see if you can open all the doors to one side. That’s what we had to do. Basically, we hinged the 2 doors together & they accordion fold all to one side instead of splitting in the middle- you have to be a little more careful opening/closing them though, and it’s not as easy to keep them all on the track. Anyone looking close could tell it’s jimmy-rigged, but in our opinions, it looks SO much more polished & still allows us to set up the laundry how we wanted.

    Anyways- hope that helps!!! šŸ™‚

  2. I prefer the look of doors to curtains. especially since it is what you see coming up the stairs. I would try to modify the ones you have because they look like they are in good condition. Doors are not cheap.

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