I do my grocery shopping at…Target?

There are three dedicated grocery stores near our house – BiLo, Food Lion, and Harris Teeter. The BiLo may help you to buy low, but it reminds me of the Albertson’s that went out of business in Georgetown – not very nice. I would be hesitant to buy meat there. I have not checked out Food Lion, mainly because it is in a sketchy shopping center. My sister has been to one and she compared it to the Albertson’s in College Station – still in business, but not as nice as HEB. (Oh, HEB, how I miss you.) So, with BiLo and Food Lion crossed off the list, that leaves Harris Teeter.

Harris Teeter is clean. They have a good selection of fresh produce, even a stand with fruits and veggies straight from local farms. Stephen is pleased by their beer variety. They have some good “meal deals,” much like HEB does. It is fun to say “Harris Teeter” in an English accent, much like you would say “Harry Potter.”

So, what is wrong with Harris Teeter? It is expensive. Even with their discount card, it is expensive.

I would never have dreamed of doing my grocery shopping at Target, until the subject came up during a get-together with a group from church. I learned that Target is less expensive than Harris Teeter, with the exception of their chicken. Apparently HT has good deals on chicken. After this advice from the locals, I did some price comparisons the next time I was at Target. Here are my findings:

store brand milk

HT: 3.49

Target: 3.19

same-brand bread

HT: 2.89

Target: 2.39

lunch meat

HT: 4.45

Target: 3.24

And it’s three for three for Target! Who would have guessed! From now on, I will be doing my grocery shopping at Target. Unless I want chicken.


2 thoughts on “I do my grocery shopping at…Target?

  1. I’m not surprised! 🙂 I’ve heard a pretty good number of good things about Target’s groceries. You’re lucky to have one close to you!! We’re getting a Target close to us- not sure if it’ll be a Super Target though. Right now our Target is 20 min away. 😦 We miss HEB too- but the Giant Eagles up here are pretty similar (their ‘frufru’ store is called Market District and is pretty much identical to HEB Central Market). Of course, it might all be a moot subject, because we’re getting a Trader Joe’s near us now. 😀

    Also… I’ve heard pretty sketchy things about Food Lion.

  2. Rebecca Z. says:

    I shop at Target too– sometimes their produce doesn’t seem quite as fresh as a “real” grocery store as Kevin says. But, they are always the cheapest! and they are clean and I mean, come on, who doesn’t love to go to Target! 🙂 You should also look into getting a Target Red Card– NOT the credit card. Target now has a debit card version that works only at Target. It is linked straight to your checking account so the money comes right out and there is no interest or monthly statements. It is free to get one and here’s the kicker– you get 5% off of every purchase when you use it! Yet another reason Target is the greatest store! But, HEB is by far the BEST groceries only store EVER! 🙂

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