Introducing Burton Guster!

On Wednesday I went to the animal shelter to volunteer. While I was there, they called to tell me that our puppy was ready to go home! I put him is the passenger seat for the ride home, but by the time we got home, he was stretched across the center console with his head on my leg. He was pretty scared at first – we set him down in the entry way and he just stood there, frozen for about 15 mins.

Since then he has perked up a lot! He follows me wherever I go. I think he is fast asleep, but as soon I get up, he’s up. Gus is still warming up to Stephen.

Two sleepy animals!

JD and Gus get along pretty well, I think mainly because Gus is not too hyper. He does growl and bark at JD while wagging his tail, but JD ignores him (typical cat) for the most part.

Hungry, hungry puppy!

Now that he is used to us, we want to socialize him as much as possible so that he will not be so timid around people. Saturday we went to our church’s fall fest and then to Petsmart. The entire day was a success! He did well with the different people and he wanted to make friends with all the other doggies at Petsmart. We got some puppy food for large breeds (he’s a black lab mix) so hopefully he will start getting big and stong!

My pre-washer

Sunday we met up with Ryan, a friend of S’s from work, to play some frisbee golf. UCF has a pretty nice course, and we brought Gus along. He wasn’t too interested in the frisbees (frisbi?) but almost every time the boys threw one, he would run towards them barking! It was so funny and unexpected. He has a good bark for a little puppy. When we got home he helped me with the dishes.


3 thoughts on “Introducing Burton Guster!

  1. mom wright says:

    So cute! Love the 2 together…JD and Gus…..are you measuring him and recording it on the back of a door? He is growing so fast!

  2. Meredith says:

    He looks so lanky!! haha and i like the stories. kinda like Hank- not hyper which i like!! i think Gus and i will be good friends 🙂 Remember how Hank used to move between Mom/anyone and the sink? Gus’s picture is like that! He is soooooooo cute!

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