Where will S&T be next year?

At the end of my last post I mentioned that at this time next year we will not be in Orlando. Well, there are two options as to where we will be.

1. Charlotte, NC

Siemens has a manufacturing plant in Charlotte and will be moving the majority of the Orlando engineers there in order to consolidate their processes. There isn’t a definite time line for the move yet, seeing as how construction hasn’t even started on the engineering building. We could stay in Orlando, but if Stephen wants to have any kind of advancement in his career, we’ll be going to Charlotte. I’m excited about the possibility of Charlotte for a couple reasons. UNC-Charlotte has an architecture program, should I feel the urge to go earn my Master’s. Also, North Carolina has seasons. I like seasons. Fall seems to have arrived in Texas, but there is no sign of a change here in Florida. We were talking to some friends from church, and around November it will get cool, and then winter will start in January. How’s this: right now it is 93 in Orlando. Charlotte: 69. That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

2. Berlin, Germany

Siemens is a German company, headquartered in Berlin. Until Stephen meets with his managers in a couple weeks, we won’t really have a good idea of how possible a term in Berlin is. Fingers crossed though!


2 thoughts on “Where will S&T be next year?

  1. personally… I’m hoping for Charlotte, but that’s probably pretty selfish of me seeing as how I just like that it’s closer to us! 🙂

    Not gonna lie though… Berlin would be pretty darn awesome!

  2. i love them both! plus the guy who talked to us for Retreat last weekend works in Berlin and there are oppotunities to teach English for a year or so there upon graduation. no money though. I would come visit you no matter where you are! and in NC you could see the Bulls!
    and i think i have to sign as meredithinelsalvador because thats the only blog ive ever had….

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